I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


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  • brazil
    brazil  5 days back

    haha grape

  • Moody Lemon
    Moody Lemon  4 minutes back

    Hearing him yell makes me terrified

    • Wilma Deslauriers
      Wilma Deslauriers  5 minutes back

      Guys please look at my channel it's

      Wilma deslauriers

      • nuclear_ naomi 135
        nuclear_ naomi 135  5 minutes back

        LEGIT SAME. when he was explaining what he did to make himself feel better cuz he couldn’t eat, I was like ADAM. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. Unless you have fasted before, like Islam fasting, YOU WILL KNOW WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT.

        • PhantomReeper
          PhantomReeper  5 minutes back

          Im here from tik tok!!!!
          :D im srry about jaw

          • Anita Pierce
            Anita Pierce  6 minutes back

            Did anyone else think the video was a little quiet? My iPad is on full volume and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with it lol

            • its Red
              its Red  7 minutes back


              • Petalss PNG
                Petalss PNG  10 minutes back

                I kinda felt that way when I had major knee surgery by watching people eating for me I was watching people walk and anything else that had anything with legs. I really wanted to walk man.

                • Kitty Games/vlogs
                  Kitty Games/vlogs  11 minutes back


                  • Jupiter rules space! _AJ
                    Jupiter rules space! _AJ  14 minutes back

                    I ate grapes today...

                    • Zo Miller
                      Zo Miller  15 minutes back

                      You can get it

                      • Kitty Games/vlogs
                        Kitty Games/vlogs  16 minutes back

                        2:55 lmao fr

                        • Jerza Gola
                          Jerza Gola  16 minutes back

                          LOL, he said "like that smash button" at the end! XD

                          • Kitty Games/vlogs
                            Kitty Games/vlogs  17 minutes back

                            5:55 lmao

                            • ItzBlamo_18
                              ItzBlamo_18  17 minutes back

                              7:57 Stop watching food porn

                              • Kitty cat gamer Puppy dog gamer

                                I HATE 🍅TO😖😑😕😔😭

                                • Ore Akinfenwa
                                  Ore Akinfenwa  23 minutes back

                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM (7/6/19)

                                  • Jevil Jevil
                                    Jevil Jevil  24 minutes back

                                    The comment above this is false.

                                    • tiletalltailz :3
                                      tiletalltailz :3  24 minutes back

                                      HAPPY BIRTHday spmthingelseyt this is before your birthday :3

                                      • Jupiter rules space! _AJ
                                        Jupiter rules space! _AJ  25 minutes back

                                        My sister has to hv a cast on her knee for 5 weeks (maybe 6)

                                        • Le Eevee of Canada
                                          Le Eevee of Canada  25 minutes back

                                          How does James video get twice as many views as Adam and jaiden?

                                          • MFscareglow
                                            MFscareglow  26 minutes back

                                            I’m getting my molars out wish me luck

                                            • Ariana Original
                                              Ariana Original  32 minutes back

                                              This is so dang funny

                                              • Nadell Hit The Yeet
                                                Nadell Hit The Yeet  38 minutes back

                                                Did you watch Matt Stonie?

                                                • Lydia Thompson
                                                  Lydia Thompson  41 minutes back

                                                  **Adam is gone for 2 months**

                                                  Me: Oh! Adam!

                                                  **Adam has a new art and animation style**

                                                  Me: WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS!?! Is it... what people call... ANIMATION!?!?!

                                                  • Morgan Delahoussaye
                                                    Morgan Delahoussaye  42 minutes back

                                                    Don't forget to like th a smash button people 😂😂

                                                    • LokiSonofLaufey
                                                      LokiSonofLaufey  43 minutes back

                                                      Man, I had to live off Boost for a while. I get it.

                                                      • Sweetie Lover123
                                                        Sweetie Lover123  45 minutes back

                                                        My fav part: I YEILD I YE-

                                                        DIEING RN

                                                        • BeccyVengeance
                                                          BeccyVengeance  46 minutes back

                                                          Bro it suuuucked. My jaw was too far back.

                                                          • morrson gamer
                                                            morrson gamer  47 minutes back


                                                            • Marcus Lawrence
                                                              Marcus Lawrence  47 minutes back

                                                              "GODS SYLINDER"
                                                              Me:dies of laughter

                                                              • morrson gamer
                                                                morrson gamer  49 minutes back

                                                                I’m not popular

                                                                • Trisha Roe
                                                                  Trisha Roe  49 minutes back

                                                                  He cute .... geeez I sound like a creeper, but I did enjoy this video. *walks away*

                                                                  • Beth Garcia
                                                                    Beth Garcia  50 minutes back

                                                                    Happy birthday Adam!!! I love to watch your videos dude!!!

                                                                    • Born2 Play
                                                                      Born2 Play  51 minutes back

                                                                      Rip adam didnt get his chocolate milk

                                                                      1 like= 1 chocolate milk

                                                                      • Frenemies AMJ
                                                                        Frenemies AMJ  51 minutes back

                                                                        poor you

                                                                        • deoo iopg
                                                                          deoo iopg  57 minutes back

                                                                          NEKO NEKO NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

                                                                          • Craig Freed
                                                                            Craig Freed  57 minutes back

                                                                            Happy birthday

                                                                            • Eileen Studley
                                                                              Eileen Studley  1 hours back

                                                                              i love the soge

                                                                              • MDPandalady
                                                                                MDPandalady  1 hours back

                                                                                O my goodness when this came out I started getting lock jaw. I still have it to this day.
                                                                                Send help

                                                                                • The Plush Dudes
                                                                                  The Plush Dudes  1 hours back

                                                                                  wait, so if ur jaw was wired shut, u couldn't lick ur lips if they were dry?!?!?!? AHHHH!

                                                                                  • shanedarleon
                                                                                    shanedarleon  1 hours back

                                                                                    First video I've seen of yours
                                                                                    And I already love you
                                                                                    Keep being you, dude.

                                                                                    Edit: Wtf, I wish I was as cute as you. Damn.

                                                                                    • Crazy Gacha
                                                                                      Crazy Gacha  1 hours back

                                                                                      At the end did he say
                                                                                      like the smash botton

                                                                                      • Shmexy Blobfish
                                                                                        Shmexy Blobfish  1 hours back

                                                                                        Chicken nuggets

                                                                                        • Dog Lover0488
                                                                                          Dog Lover0488  1 hours back

                                                                                          95% of this video cis him exaggerating

                                                                                          • TianaG
                                                                                            TianaG  1 hours back

                                                                                            Watching Adam eat a burrito while I eat a taco

                                                                                            • Wolfe Mike
                                                                                              Wolfe Mike  1 hours back

                                                                                              You should tell your brother to also make animations and he is KshotTV right

                                                                                              • Allie Bird
                                                                                                Allie Bird  1 hours back

                                                                                                happy birthday to me, you uploaded on my B-day!